Conduct a Tutorial Session at KCC2024

Professor Yoon and his Ph.D. students, Sebin Lee, Minsung Yoon, Mincheul Kim, and M.S. student Jeil Jeong, conducted a tutorial session at the KCC2024 conference. The topic of this tutorial was “Advancements in Robot Motion Generation Techniques: From Sampling-Based to Reinforcement Learning and Applications (로봇 모션 생성 기법의 발전: 샘플링 기반에서 강화 학습 및 응용까지).”

Sebin introduced sensor technology for robot environmental perception. Minsung covered reinforcement learning techniques and their applications to robotic arms. Mincheul presented techniques for generating social paths for robots considering crowds through the integration of external sensors. Jeil explained recent advances in quadrupedal robot motion planning.

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