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Recent International Papers

Part-based Pseudo Label Refinement for Unsupervised Person Re-identification
Yoonki Cho, Woo Jae Kim, Seunghoon Hong, and Sung-Eui Yoon
TopIEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2022
Deep Video Inpainting Guided by Audio-Visual Self-Supervision
Kyuyeon Kim, Junsik Jung, Woo Jae Kim, and Sung-Eui Yoon
IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2022
Analysis and Acceleration of TORM: Optimization-based Planning for Path-wise Inverse Kinematics
Mincheul Kang and Sung-Eui Yoon
Autonomous Robots, 2022
Implicit LiDAR Network: LiDAR Super-Resolution via Interpolation Weight Prediction
Youngsun Kwon, Minhyuk Sung, and Sung-Eui Yoon
TopIEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2022
Confidence-Based Robot Navigation Under Sensor Occlusion with Deep Reinforcement Learning
Hyeongyeol Ryu, Minsung Yoon, Daehyung Park, and Sung-Eui Yoon
TopIEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2022
Outstanding navigation paper finalist
RCIK: Real-Time Collision-Free Inverse Kinematics Using a Collision-Cost Prediction Network
Mincheul Kang, Yoonki Cho, and Sung-Eui Yoon
TopIEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L), 2022
Diffraction- and Reflection-Aware Multiple Sound Source Localization
Inkyu An, Youngsun Kwon, and Sung-Eui Yoon
TopIEEE Transactions On Robotics (T-RO), 2021
In-N-Out: Towards Good Initialization for Inpainting and Outpainting
Changho Jo, Woobin Im, and Sung-Eui Yoon
British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC), 2021
Hypergraph Propagation and Community Selection for Objects Retrieval
Guoyuan An, Yuchi Huo, and Sung-Eui Yoon
Top35th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2021
Dynamic Humanoid Locomotion over Rough Terrain with Streamlined Perception-Control Pipeline
Moonyoung Lee, Youngsun Kwon, Sebin Lee, JongHun Choe, Junyong Park, Hyobin Jeong, Yujin Heo, Min-su Kim, Jo Sungho, Sung-Eui Yoon, and Jun-Ho Oh
TopIEEE/RSJ Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2021
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Recent Domestic Papers

적대적 공격에 견고한 피처 신뢰도 기반 다운샘플링
김우재 and 윤성의
영상처리 및 이해에 관한 워크샵(IPIU), 2022
Collision Backpropagation-based Obstacle Avoidance Method for a Legged Robot with Simplified Dynamics Model단순화된 동역학 모델을 가진 보행로봇을 위한 충돌 역전파를 활용한 장애물 회피 방법
김진원, 신희찬, and 윤성의
한국로봇학회(KRoC), 2022
Image-Bridged Multimodal Half-Supervised Learning이미지를 매개로 하는 멀티모달 반지도학습
김규연 and 윤성의
정보과학회 컴퓨팅의 실제 논문지(KTCP), 2021
Self-Supervised Visual Odometry via Frame Interpolation프레임 보간을 이용한 자기지도학습 기반 영상 주행기록계
이세빈, 임우빈, and 윤성의
한국로봇종합학술대회(KRoC), 2021
Bias tree expansion using reinforcement learning for efficient motion planning모션계획을 위한 강화학습 기반 트리 편향 확장 기술
윤민성, 박대형, and 윤성의
Korea Robotics Society Annual Conference (KRoC), 2021
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