Semi-Supervised Learning of Optical Flow by Flow Supervisor

Woobin Im, Sebin Lee, and Sung-Eui Yoon
TopEuropean Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 2022


A training pipeline for optical flow CNNs consists of a pretraining stage on a synthetic dataset followed by a fine tuning stage on a target dataset. However, obtaining ground truth flows from a target video requires a tremendous effort. This paper proposes a practical fine tuning method to adapt a pretrained model to a target dataset without ground truth flows, which has not been explored extensively. Specifically, we propose a flow supervisor for self-supervision, which consists of parameter separation and a student output connection. This design is aimed at stable convergence and better accuracy over conventional self-supervision methods which are unstable on the fine tuning task. Experimental results show the effectiveness of our method compared to different self-supervision methods for semi-supervised learning. In addition, we achieve meaningful improvements over state-of-the-art optical flow models on Sintel and KITTI benchmarks by exploiting additional unlabeled datasets. Code is available at this https URL.



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