KAIST 소프트웨어대학원/KTAI 콜로퀴엄 세미나

5월 22일 윤성의 교수님께서 KAIST 소프트웨어대학원/KTAI 콜로퀴엄에서 “Intelligent Graphics, Vision and Robotics”를 주제로 세미나를 진행하셨습니다. 아래는 교수님께서 진행하신 세미나에 관한 정보입니다.

  • 강사: 윤성의 교수 (KAIST 전산학부)
  • 일시: 2023. 5. 22. (월) 오후4시~5시30분
  • 장소: 도곡캠퍼스 400호

Abstract: Thanks to the recent advances of deep learning techniques, different fields that are separate before are merging rapidly. Our lab is mainly working on developing deep learning-based techniques in the field of graphics, computer vision, and robotics fields. In this talk, I will discuss various recent techniques utilizing various related methods across different methods. Some of them include sound source localization, single image reflection removal, and denoising techniques for rendering.

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