Image Search

Ongoing draft
Sung-eui Yoon, Copyright 2021

This is an on-going book that I'm writing. This covers basic concepts of image search and related topics such as descriptors, indexing schemes, and matching techniques. t will also cover many advanced techniques including some of recent techniques.
Why am I writing this book?
  • Search is one of fundamental tools for identifying and retrieving relevant information. Since images and videos are getting more widely used thanks to various devices advances (e.g., mobile phones and camera), there have been growing demands for image search. Even though it has been heavily studied, various topics related to image search have not been coherently treated yet.
  • Albeit the importance of image search, there have been only few books that cover topics related to the image search. Also, those books are rather expensive and did not cover recent topics. I'll thus make my book totally free and easily accessible at the web. I will also discuss recent topics. Once materials of my book are mature, I'll try to publish my book at some publisher. Nonetheless, the book will be available freely on the web, as one of my prior books Rendering by Sung-eui Yoon

  • Current materials are rough and can have many errors.
  • Please understand that these materials are in their early stages, and are not seriously reviewed yet. At many cases, I did not even review my writing yet. Nonetheless, I distribute these materials in a hope that they may be useful for some persons. Let me know if you want to provide some feedback on my writing and materials discussed here.
  • Copyright issue. In order to efficiently writing this book, I will try to re-use existing materials (e.g., figures and tables) of published papers here. I acknowledge original sources of all those materials. If you found that some materials are not properly acknowledged, please send me an email about this. Once materials of this book are mature, I will take actions to get proper permission from those original sources (e.g., ACM).

  • Fundamentals
    Part/Chapter Status Updated date Related materials
    Introduction 0.2 version Feb, 2021 Slide
    Local image descriptors 0.3 version Mar, 2021 Detectors, Region
    Codes of Harris detector, Blob Laplacian
    Bag-of-visual-Word (BoW) Model 0.2 version Apr, 2021 BoW model, Inverted index

    Unorganized Materials
    Part/Chapter Status Updated date Related materials
    Unsupervised learning XX version Sep, 2018 Slide

  • Apr-06, 2021: upload a new version of Ch. 3 (Bag-of-visual-Word model)
  • Mar-15, 2021: upload a new version of Ch. 2.2
  • Mar-9, 2021: upload a new version of Ch. 2.2
  • Mar-4, 2021: upload a version of Ch. 2
  • Feb-28, 2021: upload a version of intro
  • Mar-19, 2020: upload a version of intro and image descriptor
  • Sep-29, 2018: upload a version of unsuperivsed learning