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OpenRACM: Random-Accessible Compressed Meshes

Contents of the Distribution

The archive contains all the libraries (except for opengl and glut) and include files needed to build applications using OpenRACM. The following is a description of what each folder contains:

  1. bin: contains binaries
  2. src: source code for the OpenRACM library
  3. inc: include files for applications using OpenRACM
  4. example: One example demonstrating usage of the OpenCCL library
  5. models: contains input model(s) for test
  6. sm2sm and RandomAcc : sm2sm contains compressor codes and RandomACC is an application (iso-contouring) that uses the compressed meshes.

Please refer README.TXT, which is in our OpenRACM distribution, for more detail information.


Once you have a random-accessible compressed mesh constructed by a compressor provided by OpenRACM, then you can access the compressed mesh by mesh access API provided by OpenRACM library. We provide a simple function-by-function description for each API function that OpenRACM supports.

OpenRACM provides the following functions:

  • GetVertex (...) : return the coordinates of a vertex specified with an index.
  • GetTriangle (...) : return the three vertices of a vertex.
  • GetVertexCorner (...) : return one of corner associated with a vertex.
  • GetTriangleCorner (...) : return one of corners of a triangle.
  • GetCornerVertex (...) : return the vertex associated with a vertex.
  • GetCornerTriangle (...) : return the triangle associated with the corner.
  • GetNextVertexCorner (...) : return the next corner incident on the vertex associated with the specified corner.
  • GetNextTriangleCorner (...) : return the next corner within the triangle associated with the corner.
  • Please refer to source codes or the paper for more detail information.

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