Department of Computer Science
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CS482: Interactive Computer Graphics (Fall 15)

CS482: Interactive Computer Graphics (Fall 15)

Instructor: Sung-eui Yoon

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When and where: 1:00pm ~ 2:15pm on TTh, 114 at N1 building
First class: 1:00pm on Sep-1 (T) (please come to first class for more information)
Refer to the first lecture slide for other important course information
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Important Forms:
  • Questions for the Class
  • Paper Video Abstract
  • Prerequisites:
  • CS380: Intro. to CG

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  • Course overview
  • Lectures and tentative schedule
  • Additional reference materials
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    Course overview

    These figures show photon mapping results of the Boeing 777 model consisting of 366 M triangles in different views. Each rendering frame is provided to users with less than 100 ms latency time, while allowing dynamic changes on camera, light, and material setting. This was presented as T-Rex rendering system at TVCG.

    In this course we will discuss various topics to create 2D images computationally generated from three dimensional model representations. Particularly, we will focus on the following topic:

  • Basic rendering equation
  • Texture mapping and shadow mapping for interactive rendering
  • Various global illumination techniques
  • Interactive global illumination techniques
  • Graphics hardware and GPU programming
  • What you will get at the end of the course:

  • Broad understanding on various topics related to interactive rendering,
  • Programming skill and in-depth knowledge on interactive global illumination.
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    Lecture schedule (subject to change)

  • Q&A file for all the lectures
  • Student presentations and projects
  • # of lecture, date Topics and slides Notice
    01, 2015-09-01 (Tue.) Overview on the course and course policy
    02, 2015-09-03 (Thu.) Ray Tracing PA1 Deadline: 2015-09-18 23:59
    03, 2015-09-08 (Tue.) Radiosity
    04, 2015-09-10 (Thu.) Radiometry and Rendering Equation
    05, 2015-09-15 (Tue.) Monte Carlo Integration
    06, 2015-09-17 (Thu.) Monte Carlo Integration
    07, 2015-09-22 (Tue.) Monte Carlo Ray Tracing
    08, 2015-09-24 (Thu.) Monte Carlo Ray Tracing
    ##. 2015-09-29 (Tue.) No class thanks to Thanksgiving (추석)
    09, 2015-10-01 (Thu.) Instant Radiosity PA2 Deadline: 2015-10-09 23:59
    Download Skeleton code
    10, 2015-10-06 (Tue.) Instant Radiosity: Point Based Approach PA3 Deadline: 2015-10-21 23:59
    PA3 submission is now closed.
    Download Reference code
    Link to the repository at Github
    ##. 2015-10-08 (Thu.) No class thanks to KAIST interview process
    11, 2015-10-13 (Tue.) Q&A
    12, 2015-10-15 (Thu.) Virtual Spherical Lights
    ##. 2015-10-20 (Tue.) Mid-term exam
    ##. 2015-10-22 (Thu.) No class thanks to the mid-term exam period
    13, 2015-10-27 (Tue.) Q&A
    14, 2015-10-29 (Thu.) Student Presentation 1 (JH, GS)
    15, 2015-11-03 (Tue.) Student Presentation 2 (HG, JO, JS)
    16, 2015-11-05 (Thu.) Student Presentation 3 (DH, EA, CW)
    ##. 2015-11-10 (Tue.) No class thanks to a workshop attendance
    17, 2015-11-12 (Thu.) Mid. Project Presentation 1 (GS/JO, DH/JH, CW)
    18, 2015-11-17 (Tue.) Mid. Project Presentation 2 (EA/HG, JS)
    19, 2015-11-19 (Thu.) Student Presentation 1 (CW, GS, JH)
    20, 2015-11-24 (Tue.) Student Presentation 2 (EA, JO, HG)
    ##. 2015-11-26 (Thu.) No class thanks to KAIST interview process
    21, 2015-12-01 (Tue.) Student Presentation 3 (DH, JS)
    22, 2015-12-03 (Thu.) Q&A
    23, 2015-12-08 (Tue.) Final Presentation 1
    24, 2015-12-10 (Thu.) Final Presentation 2


    Additional reference materials and links

    Useful information about real-time rendering and computer graphics:

  • Advances in Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games
  • Real-time rendering resources
  • OpenGL:

  • OpenGL.org: Has various documentation for OpenGL
  • OpenGL programming guide (the red book), Ver 1.1 or another site
  • OpenGL reference book (the blue book)
  • MSDN: A good reference for OpenGL functions
  • GLUT library for Win32
  • GLEW: OpenGL Extension Wrangler
  • GLUI: Simple OpenGL GUI Library
  • NeHe Productions: OpenGL Tutorials
  • Anton's OpenGL: OpenGL Tutorials(for OpenGL 4.x)
  • Paper search:

  • Google scholar
  • Tim Rowley's graphics paper collections
  • Ke-Sen Huang's graphics paper collections
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    Acknowledgements: The course materials are built upon previous efforts of whom organized computer graphics courses at Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I'd like to thank all of them, particularly, Brandon LLoyd. Thanks! Line

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