Diffraction- and Reflection-Aware Multiple Sound Source Localization
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Weakly-Supervised Contrastive Learning in Path Manifold for Monte Carlo Image Reconstruction
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Robust Sound Source Localization considering Similarity of Back-Propagation Signals
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Diffraction-Aware Sound Localization for a Non-Line-of-Sight Source
Inkyu An, Doheon Lee, Jung-woo Choi, Dinesh Manocha, and Sung-Eui Yoon
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Reflection-Aware Sound Source Localization
Inkyu An, Myungbae Son, Dinesh Manocha, and Sung-Eui Yoon
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Timeline Scheduling for Out-of-Core Ray Batching
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Adaptive Rendering with Linear Predictions
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RACBVHs: Random-Accessible Compressed Bounding Volume Hierarchies
Tae-Joon Kim, Bochang Moon, Duksu Kim, and Sung-eui Yoon
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Presented as a SIGGRAPH talk at SIGGRAPH 09
Won 1st place at ACM Student Resesrch Competition held at ACM SIGGRAPH 09 and advanced to the grand finals
Won 3rd place at the Grand Finals
Ray Tracing Dynamic Scenes using Selective Restructuring
Sung-Eui Yoon, Sean Curtis, and Dinesh Manocha
Eurographics Symp. on Rendering, 2007
Dynamic benchmarks used in the paper are available.
Ray-Strips: A Compact Mesh Representation for Interactive Ray Tracing
Christian Lauterbach, Sung-Eui Yoon, and Dinesh Manocha
IEEE Symp. on Interactive Ray Tracing, 2007
Massive Model Rendering Techniques
Andreas Dietrich, Enrico Gobbetti, and Sung-Eui Yoon 
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